Monday, 9 September 2013

Thank You For Sponsoring Me to Learn TM

I feel very happy and thankful that I got a lovely opportunity to learn Transcendental Meditation in October 2011.  In every way in my life, I am doing better.  I feel myself within a magical flow when I practice Transcendental Meditation.  I have done two advance techniques.  It’s really a wonderful feeling when I practice.  Transcendental Meditation supports the way of my life in a good direction.  Relationship with the people around me are getting better and better.  I have enjoyed group meditations in Aberdeen and at the Glasgow TM Centre.  I feel that I am more connected with nature.  I look much younger than before.  Clarity of my eyes is increasing and my skin is shinier. Whatever I see after meditation, I feel happy.  My personality is improving.  Now I am planning to do the last two advanced techniques by next Spring.  After that I want to do the TM Sidhi Programme.  I would like to thank to all of those who helped me to learn TM.  Kazi Bayzed

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