Monday, 26 May 2014

Cultivate Health Naturally Workshop

at Veldt Deli on Sunday 15 June 4-5.30pm

Maharishi Ayurveda is an extensive and timeless system of natural healthcare.  Come along to this lively and interactive session to learn some refreshingly simple principles to reawaken your body’s inner intelligence.  Learn how to recognise your own nature and how to bring balance through the right diet, routine, herbs etc.  Discover how the development of consciousness improve sleep, energy and reduce anxiety.

To book call Angela 0141 221 6333 /07811 144674

Downtime with Transcendental Meditation

at Veldt Deli on Sunday 29 June 4-5.30pm

Do you find yourself in a state of perpetual busyness?  Are you eating in a rush and waking in a panic?  In this introductory talk on Transcendental Meditation you will learn what transcending is, how it transforms the brain, energises the body and increases motivation while improving focus and creativity.  It’s a simple, natural and effortless way to reach our full potential.  Come and find out how it works!

To book call Angela on 0141 221 6333 / 07811 144674

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with a trip to Schiehallion

Summer Solstice at Schiehallion - Spiritual Centre of Scotland

We hope you, your friends and family can join us for our annual walk up Schiehallion and flag raising ceremony.  Our Summer solstice trips to Schiehallion, started in 2006 as a means of bringing everyone together from all over Scotland, for a picnic and group meditation.  The event has continued on ever since.  Schiehallion is close to the Brahmasthan (centre point) of Scotland.  These places have a special significance for the country.  The Brahmasthan embodies the heart values of the country.  So we will travel to the Brahmastahn and meditate there and enliven those qualities for the whole of the nation.