Tuesday, 16 December 2014

How to Make a Thermos Flask Lunch

Thursday 19 February 7-9pm

Would you like a warm nutritious lunch to replace cold sandwiches?   We will show you how it can be prepared in 5 minutes.   It will cook slowly while you're working or walking up that hill.  We will also explore other lunch box ideas that will sustain you and keep you in balance.   Also learn about the wonders of ghee.

Learn How to do Ayurvedic self-massage

Thursday 16 April 7- 9pm.

Learn the Art of Abhyanga (Ayurvedic self-massage)

If getting on a massage table once a week is out of the question, you can practice the art of abhyanga, ayurveda's daily oil massage, on your own. It's just a matter of taking however many minutes you can spare — from two to 20 — to give your skin some love. It's a powerful tool before or after a shower, and has healing qualities. This gentle massage will increase circulation, loosen toxins, and stimulate nerve endings, resulting in a sense of calm you can carry with you.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Find out about the Advanced Techniques

Why Learn an Advanced Technique? 
  • Find out how the advanced techniques deepen your experience of the transcendent and leads to greater expansion of your awareness.  
  • What is the TM Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying?  
  • Discover how the advanced techniques speed up your evolution and develop higher states of consciousness. A great opportunity to address the practicalities such as when should I start taking the course, is there an extra time commitment, are they easy to learn and practice?  
  • Hear directly from the veterans!
Thursday 26 March 2015, 7-9pm, £10/£5
Free to those who have learned in the last six months.

Here is a nice quote from Pelé describing an experience he had during his first world cup. Pelé’s experience has several features that call to mind higher states of consciousness.

Talk by Vedic Experts on Advanced Techniques of TM

Vedic Experts Mr and Mrs Rout from India are coming to Glasgow in April 2015.  All TM meditators are invited to come along to meet them.

Special talk - Unfolding Higher States of Consciousness  24 April 7-9pm
Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation 25-26 April

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ayurveda Talks & Personal Health Consultations March 2015

Dr Donn Brennan will talk on:
Introduction to Maharishi Ayurveda
Thursday 12 March 7pm at Glasgow TM Centre

To be healthy, vibrant and joyful we need to balance body, mind, emotions and pure consciousness.  Discover why one person reacts to stress with anxiety, another with anger and another with depression.  Imbalance in the body reduces your ability to cope and emotional imbalance may lead to illness.  Gain insight into your unique nature, how to detect imbalance and create balance.

Personal Health Consultations also available.
Join him in Edinburgh and Glasgow 8  - 14 March. 

Group Meditations February - July 2015

Group meditations are open to all who have been instructed in Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Foundation.  If you have not been to the Glasgow TM Centre previously please call to register.  Arrive earlier to settle.
Events are free to those who have learned in the last six months otherwise a contribution of £10/5 is welcome.

Thursday 24 Burns Supper! 6.30-9pm

Thursday 5 Yoga Asana, Pranayama & TM, 7-9pm
Saturday 7 Coherence Day, 10am-5pm
Tuesday 10 Lunchtime TM, 12 Noon
Thursday 19 Group TM & Knowledge, 7-9pm - Learn how to make a Thermos Flask Lunch  See more

Transcendental Meditation Courses January - August 2015

The first step in taking a course in TM is to come along to one our introductory talks.  These are free briefing sessions.  We hold them routinely on Wednesdays at 2.30pm and 7pm but booking is essential.   While these sessions are a prerequisite to enrolling on a course there is no obligation to learn.   Please feel free to invite friends.

TM Course Dates:

Saturday 24 - Tuesday 27 January
Saturday 31 - Tuesday 3 February
Saturday 21 - Tuesday 24 February 
Saturday 28 - Tuesday 3 March
Sunday 15 - Wednesday 18 March
Saturday 21 - Tuesday 24 March Dundee
Saturday 28 - Tuesday 31 March 
Friday 4 - Monday 7 April  Easter Course
Monday 13 - Thursday 16 April Children’s Course
Saturday 18 - Tuesday 21 April 
Saturday 23 - Tuesday 26 May
Saturday 30 - Tuesday 2 June
Saturday 13 - Tuesday 16 June
Saturday 11 - Tuesday 14 July Dundee
Saturday 18 - Tuesday 21 July
Saturday 8 - Tuesday 11 August
Saturday 22 - Tuesday 25 August