We are dedicated to ensuring that anyone in Glasgow who wants to learn Transcendental Meditation can do so.

The practice of Transcendental Meditation transforms life from within and has the ability to create a more harmonious, peaceful and prosperous Glasgow.

The 'TM for Glasgow' Fund will help us bring this powerful stress dissolving tool to groups who need it most such as carers, those with chronic illness and addiction, stressed students and teachers and anyone who feels marginalised in our society.

Some ways to support us in our aims:
  • Learn the Transcendental Meditation Technique
  • Donate to our 'TM for Glasgow' Fund
  • Volunteer a few hours of your time

Donate to TM for Glasgow Fund:
This is a sponsorship fund for those who cannot otherwise afford to learn TM.

Maharishi encouraged everyone to donate regularly as a way to culture the heart and mind. He reminded us that any contribution we make which is evolutionary always returns to the giver.  ‘Every action has a reaction’.

Here are some people who have received sponsorship to learn TM:

I feel very glad and grateful that I had the opportunity to learn and practice TM...I feel much more centred within myself.  That in turn helps my life to flow in the direction that is good for me and the people around me.  My lifestyle is very active so I have discovered ways to meditate not only at home but also on the bus, train or in the library.  I have also been enjoying group meditations at the Glasgow TM Centre. Read more

"I have been meditating for about three months now and could feel a change from day one. From the beginning I noticed any judgements dissolve, I felt more at peace and my relationships started to improve. I was also finding my studying difficult, but after my meditation I find my brain is like a sponge for information, I now get almost twice as much done as before. I see my mind and body as a sort of biological super computer that has been running all my life without any protection, now with this effortless technique of transcendental meditation it is like running an anti virus programme on a PC, it begins to clear out all of the 'junk' picked up over the years enabling you to gradually reach your full potential. I would recommend this technique to everyone especially if they had any physical or mental health problems, trouble sleeping or trouble with addictions. I feel more energized and more confident every day and I can't thank The Glasgow TM Centre and The David Lynch Foundation enough for making this possible for me."  Neil 6/9/2013

"The past ten years for me have been extremely troubled and I could never have imagined feeling any semblance of peace and calm in my life again. The practice of TM is giving back to me the happiness I had lost, and I am beginning to see and be the person I left behind. I am engaging with life once again, letting negative thoughts fade to be replaced by inner peace. I feel much more relaxed, happy and more in control of my life. I have more patience and tolerance, more energy and clarity of thought.  Angela Landers was able to show me the ease and effortlessness of the TM technique. I would recommend TM to anyone and everyone as the benefits to my life have been immeasurable."  Jill 24/09/2013

I feel very happy and thankful that I got a lovely opportunity to learn Transcendental Meditation in October 2011.  In every way in my life, I am doing better.  I feel myself within a magical flow when I practice Transcendental Meditation.  I have done two advance techniques.  It’s really a wonderful feeling when I practice.  Transcendental Meditation supports the way of my life in a good direction.  Relationship with the people around me are getting better and better.  I have enjoyed group meditations in Aberdeen and at the Glasgow TM Centre.  I feel that I am more connected with nature.  I look much younger than before.  Clarity of my eyes is increasing and my skin is shinier. Whatever I see after meditation, I feel happy.  My personality is improving.  Now I am planning to do the last two advanced techniques by next Spring.  After that I want to do the TM Sidhi Programme.  I would like to thank to all of those who helped me to learn TM.  Kazi Bayzed

I am writing to let you know that I really appreciate the contribution you made towards my TM course fee.  You gave me the opportunity to learn TM.   It is really helpful and has given me a lot of relaxation.  It has enhanced my memory and given me a lot of motivation.  I am hoping to make further progress with my TM in the future as I would love to do a TM Residence course and advanced techniques.
Again, thank you, because of you I could attend the course and had such a wonderful experience
Mustafa 2015

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