I do think it has reduced anxiety, I'm generally sleeping better and I have more patience with my children which is positive for our relationships, a lot of things I wanted to see an improvement with, so it is helping!
Jennifer C, 16/4/2018

I just wanted to send a thank you for your teaching over the past few days. I have loved every minute and am already feeling the benefits in my day to day life. What you do is truly wonderful. I hope this is the beginning of a lifelong meditation routine for me. Certainly, right now, I can’t imagine ever wanting to do a day without it. Many, many thanks. I did two meditations in the moving car coming and going last night and this morning both of which were surprisingly deep considering I was in a moving vehicle :) Gary Clark, Musician, Dundee
I'm very happy with Transcendental Meditation and delighted that I have not missed one session.  So it's great that I have managed to fit them in twice a day over the Summer.  I don't know if it has been the TM or not but I have been extra busy this Summer, getting lots of jobs done!  Definitely I feel I have become more organised and seem to be clearer in thoughts. Only problem is I find sometimes as you begin to get the jobs done, you start to write another list of more jobs - it's never ending !! But I am delighted with things.  I had put on the long finger so have been able to do them.
Nollaig M, 17/08/2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all your help and guidance through the learning of TM. I'm so glad I pushed the boat out and had a go at it because I'm already seeing the benefits, from my concentration and focus levels to having far less stress in my daily life. I can't see why I would ever stop now! 😊
Patrick R, 23/07/2017

I highly recommend the Transcendental Mediation course I attended. I noticed how easy it was to learn the mediation and how quickly I noticed the benefits. I really became aware of the change after 5 days and look forward each  and every morning and evening to doing the mediation. I am more alert, focused and have more energy. I am motivated to return to the gym after an absence of nearly 4 months. I am more resilient in helping to care for my Mum. Both my parents have noticed the change in my attitude. I even have been complimented on looking younger after 2 weeks of continued mediation. I find the follow up sessions valuable in ensuring I am using the correct technique and TM comes very easily. I am glad I took the course.  ‎I think anymore wanting more balance and stability in their life should take the course.
Owen F, 01/07/2017

Got an A in my college exams.  Credit to TM!
Joss K, 21/06/2017

My TM is going great.  It has really changed a lot in my life and for the best.  Thank you.
Helene B. 08/03/2017

It's week 4 now with TM after my course with Angela. My mind feels better than it ever has. I've started running now as well. At the moment I'm not very fit so it's not particularly enjoyable. Afterwards though my mind feels positive. It's very similar to how it feels after coming out of one of the two daily TM periods. Alert and optimistic. Well that's after I've recovered enough to catch a breath :-) . The meditation and exercise seem to work off each other.
Lewis H. 31/12/2016

I have been meditating on and off for a number of years, regrettably more off than on!  This year I took the plunge and went on a TM retreat.  I came back totally refreshed and have continued to meditate twice every day since then.  That has made a huge difference.  I have been trying to loose weight for years and have done all the diets etc.  Since meditating regularly I have lost over a stone without any effort or diet and I feel great, sleep better, eat better and am altogether much brighter.  Regular meditation makes a difference!!
Alastair W, 15/12/2016

I find myself looking forward to the next session and I definitely feel different in myself.  More energy, calmer, more positive, and more creative (have written several poems and a long essay since getting back).  All in all, I'm delighted with the whole thing.  I guess the real test is in the long term but, just now, I love it and am 100% happy that I came away and did the course.  Thanks for your teaching!
Mark S,  15/12/2016

I am happy with my meditation practice it has enabled me to cope with caring for my mother for the past 18 months I just would not  have managed without it.
Gail H, 18 Nov 2016

TM has helped me greatly in my work i.e. been a very calming influence; which then carries over into the remainder of my life. I have the usual testosterone fuelled arguments between the men at work to deal with on a building site but they don’t cause me any trouble these days - I actually find it all quite funny in a strange kind of way. Me being calm definitely diffuses the situation - before I’d be in the thick of it too - no help to anyone.
Bill G, 14 Nov 2016

I ran the 10K recently.  I believe it was the result of doing TM that inspired me to start training etc. So thank you.
Paul M, 6 Oct 2016

I finished my degree in September and I am nearly at the end of another course I was doing. TM has helped a lot I believe, it's made life less stressful and easier for me to decide in what is important for me.  Nathan McC, 28 May 2016

The TM IS going well, I have been taking it seriously and making room for those 20 minutes. It's been fun, with the job (bird surveys) the places outdoors I've been meditating...under trees in dense plantations, on top of windy hills.  I guess with the mind it can be difficult to work out what is affecting what and how much but all I can say for sure is that I am feeling much better and clearer now than when I started the TM... really I couldn't tell you how much... But I need to keep it going...The TM centre in Glasgow has made a massive difference to my life, specifically in terms of health, happiness and good company.
Steven J, 19 May 2016

Angela runs the centre and she is one of the loveliest people you where ever meet. I learnt TM two years ago but didn't get into the routine of meditating every day so after a difficult year I went back to see Angela and she gave me a lot of support with mediation and in addition also helped me form an exercise and diet routine that has really benefited not only my physical health but also my mental health.

Angela also runs a lot of workshops from the centre and one off days out with other meditators and I have never felt more welcomed and at home than I have here.

I don't often write reviews but I felt like I had to for this one as I feel very lucky to have found the centre and even luckier to have received so much follow up support after learning. So if anyone is contemplating going along I would highly recommend it. Learning TM was worth ever penny and the follow up support I have received and still receive has been invaluable to me.
Sara H, 5 March 2016

All is well with me, so much change since learning TM it has brought a stability that is proving a rich soil to grow my life. its a great practice for me!
Brian A, 10 Feb 2016

Thank you so much, through Transcendental Meditation my life has been enriched so much.
Brian McK, 21 Jan 2016

I have to admit to missing a few times in the early evening but I'm still going with it and think I've become more tolerant and lots of things don't worry me as much as they might have done in the past. So it is effective.
Susan, 20 Nov 2015

Thanks so much, Tara and I are enjoying our meditation time, we are loving the feelings of happiness that's coming with it!
Gillis & Tara, 20 Oct 2015

Since starting TM I have performed on stage for the first time in five years, made a comfortable home in a new city, gotten a steady job in a brand new career, and learned to cope with some health issues that have been giving me trouble this past while. They say something about the proof of the pudding...I believe that meditation has played a significant part in my improving ability to manage my life. I have more energy, patience, empathy, am more creative than before, and have made a host of new friends to boot. Giving TM a go is one of the best decisions I have made.
Ronan D, 7 Oct 2015

My TM is going really well and I love it. Can't imagine my life without it.  Everyone should be doing it.
Gary B, Director, 15 September 2015

TM has been life changing for me. Yet oddly familiar. I had no idea how profound an experience the course would be when I enrolled. But I knew it must be something special if so many esteemed people across the world swore by it.

It is special. It brings you back to yourself. That isn't New Age language. It does. There's a lot of noise in this world and we can get distracted by it and forget what's important. Love. This is what we are made of really.

TM  is a technique which cleans your brain and detoxifies all the rubbish we have been filling it with for years. You think more clearly, have greater compassion for others and therefore have greater relationships, you see things in a more positive light, you become stronger- both in body and mind, you laugh more, you smile more. Everything good in life just gets better. Of course there are still challenging moments but things just seem easier to navigate.

I'd say meditation is the single most important discovery I have made and will ever make. All the solutions you seek are inside. TM simply takes you there.

Andy H, 1 September 2015

Since I started TM 8 years ago, my heart seems to have opened and things started falling into place. Learning TM was such a profound experience. After those first few seconds of having the mantra I thought this was exactly what life is all about. I was brought up as an atheist but what I experienced in those brief moments must have been what people describe as God. It seemed like everything that people are constantly searching for. This feeling must be what people assume they can reach through acquiring material possessions or addictions etc. It seemed like the ultimate moment of peace and contentment. I am a very sceptical person and would usually analyse everything so intensely that by the time decisions need to be made I have forgotten what my inner voice said at the start. Therefore it still amazes me every time when I think back to our introductory talk and what you said put so much trust in me and faith, I knew in my heart this could only the best decision ever or if it didn't work I would learn a lot from it. The truest thing you said to me was that I will be so much more connected to the laws of nature, it couldn't be better said. I could go on and on but you know yourself that nothing we say could explain it enough.

Annett, 15 August 2015

I learned TM in September 2014.  The daily meditation is still going well.  I'm managing to appear in a play and still run my presentation skills business and my health is pretty stable too.

Bridget, 6 August 2015,

One of the reasons I decided to take up TM was to see if it would hlep me to stop smoking.  Been smoke free for three months.  Enjoying attending the group meditations at the TM Centre too!

Gloria, 7 August 2015, Social Worker

I decided to try Transcendental Meditation in the hope that it would help me come to terms with bereavement.
Although I knew I was dealing with day to day things quite well I felt there was a lot missing in my life.
After less than three weeks of regular meditation practice my outlook on life has been changed significantly.
While meditation helps me accept the profound sadness of bereavement it also provides feelings of happiness and positivity that I thought I could never experience again.
I would recommend TM to anyone suffering from stress but especially to anyone who has to deal with the loss of a loved one.

Laurie, 2 April 15 - Glasgow, Bar manager & musician

I completed my TM course with Angela Landers in Dundee just a few weeks ago and already the difference I feel is amazing. I suffer from high blood pressure brought on by stress- I was feeling very anxious and jittery. In fact I’d got to the stage where fear was holding me back and making life very difficult. I'm a mature student, hoping for a career change, but instead of being confident in my abilities I found myself getting anxious about the smallest things. Within a week, my blood pressure had reduced dramatically and the knot of fear that was ever-present had dissolved. After three weeks, other people were becoming aware of the new improved me! Public speaking has always been traumatic for me, but in the last few weeks I've been giving presentations, performing poetry (with a microphone, on stage!) and actually volunteering for such things without a flicker of anxiety! One of my fellow students said to me the other day. ‘You’re always so calm, and you make the rest of us feel calm’, which is really what TM is all about. It’s good for you and it’s good for other people!
Sandra, 3 Dec 2013 - Student

I have been practicing twice daily meditation for over 10 weeks now.  I can not stress enough the importance of transcendental deep meditation, for me it has opened another dimension to my life.  I did not realise how stressed and  how distorted my reality was, constant incessant thoughts, negative repetitive thought patterns, basically I was constantly in my head.  I had this unease always at the back of me, lost in the illusion and delusion of external sense gratification.  This is a distortion, true happiness is within, now with direct experience I am living it in the eternal now. Thank you Maharishi Mahesh yogi and Angela Landers;( TM Instructor) for setting me free.
Sandy, 25 Dec 2013 - Carnoustie

I am a woman in my 81st year and began Transcendental Meditation in March 2013. I have no regrets in doing this because my life has changed dramatically (for the better).  I was so depressed and nervous before but now I am very peaceful and content with everything.  Serenity should be my middle name.  I urge anyone who is thinking of doing this TM course to go ahead as you will benefit from this, I am living proof.  It is so simple to do and I do it religiously twice daily and will continue to do so until the end of my days.  Again I urge anyone who is thinking about doing this to DO SO NOW.
Amy, 19 May 2013 - Dundee

After years of suffering from depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder I was in a dark place.
I discovered TM and now three months later my world is again a bright place with depression gone, anxiety greatly reduced and obsessive compulsive disorder improving daily.
Eileen, 23 April 2013 - Retired

Just completed my 4 day TM course from Angela at Glasgow TM centre and thought I'd give an update of my last few days’ progress since completing. I'm pleasantly surprised that after a hectic schedule of travelling and presentations (work related) that by doing the 2 meditations per day as instructed that I've managed to take on a far better perspective on life, improved my thought process and my energy levels have lifted in a short space of time - even managed to squeeze a visit to the gym in at 6am this morning before work which would have been a definite NO a week or so ago.  I'm loving this new "Energy Find"  I do recommend you try it.
Michael Connelly, 28 February 2013 - Business man

I learned TM from Angela Landers at the Glasgow TM centre. I have been astonished as to how immediate the effects have been. I am amazed at how this simple mental technique can leave you feeling profoundly rested. I feel calmer, more energetic, more focused and happier after I come out of my TM session. I lead a team of analysts for a large multi-national company and we deal with a variety of different projects across a number of different industry sectors and language barriers. Since starting TM the stress has reduced and the work has become more enjoyable.

Initially I approached TM as a kind of health insurance, which for me it is, but now 5 weeks or so into the practice I believe I have been given a gift. I have a technique I can use for the rest of my life that I can use anywhere or anytime to help me enjoy and get more out of life. As we shift from industrial age into the knowledge age we need tools and techniques to help us survive and thrive in the 21st century. I believe TM is one such tool. So thanks again Angela for giving me such a wonderful gift.
John Gray, 26 February 2013 - Business Analyst

I learned about TM from Angela Landers and was trained in it by William Marriot at the TM Centre in Glasgow. It is a simple and natural process that helps you bring mind and body to a state of restful alertness. I have found it immeasurably helpful in managing my energy levels and general health - regular meditation is a great way to switch between work and the rest of your life.

I have no doubt that TM can be great for anyone in business as a means of helping them manage the everyday pressures and demands of business and reminding them that they have a life outside of it!  I can't recommend Angela and William highly enough...
Mark Taylor, 4 September 2012 - Business consultant

As manager of an addiction service, I confirm that my staff recently engaged in the above training. The training was mainly delivered in a group setting which by no means detracted from the personal individual tuition but aided the learning and understanding of the technique. Both the course and the follow on sessions were and continue to be delivered in a highly professional manner.

The benefits to both my team and myself have been noticeable from our first session, with even the sceptic amongst us reporting a decrease in personal stress and anxiety. The changes have been notable in areas of our performance with an increase in focus while working through tasks an area which previously contributed to increased stress levels. The atmosphere within the office is of calmness which has been commented on by individuals who use our service. All staff inclusive of myself have noticed a general improvement in our general wellbeing both in our personal and professional life’s.

I highly recommend Transcendental Meditation Training to all.
May McLaughlin, 17 October 2012

"I find that Transcendental Meditation is very good for creativity. Since learning it I feel it has helped to settle my mind down, so that I am more focused and readily able to access and develop the ideas that lie within."   Robin Gray, 2011 - Film industry

“When I began practising TM I would hear these wonderful things like it will increase my creativity and make life more natural and enjoyable. One of the biggest things I have got from TM is that I no longer think or suspect these things are true, I "know" them and "am" them - and this is a great thing”.
Jonathan P Gibbins, 2011 - Film maker

“The most noticeable advantage for me since I started TM has been the remarkable change in my sleep pattern. I sleep in a totally different way than I’ve ever known. It’s now a deep deep sleep. After my meditation I feel totally refreshed and calmer and then things happen easily. The strange thing is, I wasn’t even looking for this. It just happened.
Greta Martin, 2011 - Retired

"Since undertaking the TM programme I have had a calmer and more balanced approach to all pupils in classes.  I have more tolerance with challenging pupils and have not issued a punishment exercise in a year!  Instead, I've become more self-disciplined."
Eileen Parr, 2011 - School teacher

"The practice has produced significant benefits.  I feel calmer, more creative and less anxious.  I show greater patience in situations where I previously might have reacted more angrily."
Brian Gibson, 2011 - School teacher

"I have been meditating now for about six months.  I have found that it has definitely helped me particularly in the mornings, giving me more energy and higher concentration levels.  It has also helped me to deal with stress a lot better and in turn I believe it has helped in my relationships with other people both professionally and personally."
Mark Renny, 2011 - school teacher

Thanks for your guidance on the TM course. It was really great. I'm finding the TM to be of genuine benefit after a week of meditating regularly. I've noticed a real difference right away particularly in my energy levels. I'm not really finding myself tired when I wake up in the morning or throughout the day despite maintaining the same workload etc.  I'm really happy that I took the course.
Rob Armstrong, 2013 - Property manager

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