TM Retreats

Anyone of any level experience can enjoy and benefit from these profoundly restful courses that enlighten you at the same time as they rejuvenate and de-stress you! Meet other meditators in a relaxed and timeless environment and rediscover your own inner happiness!  Although the word retreat is a popular term, Maharishi pointed out that these residential courses are not so much about "retreating" from anything, as advancing toward something much greater!

Scottish Residence Course:
Details to follow

Residence Courses Elsewhere:
Maharishi European Sidhaland, Skelmersdale, Lancashire See more
Maharishi Peace Palace, Suffolk See more
Maharishi Island of World Peace, Inishraher, Ireland See more
MERU, Netherlands See more

What is a TM retreat/residence course?

A TM Residence is a delightful experience, really establishing you in the regular practice and maximum benefits of Transcendental Meditation™ and the TM-Sidhi Programme®. For short or long-term Meditators and Sidhas it is an opportunity to take a step back from what is often a busy life, and to return refreshed.

What is ‘rounding'?

Meditators follow the time-tested formula of ‘rounding' including simple yoga postures and breathing exercise, which are demonstrated at the start of the course. This can be done in the privacy of your own room or, whenever possible, we offer the option of ‘group rounding'. This aspect of the course takes about 2 hours morning and evening. It is followed by a group meeting for discussion of experiences and a group check of your meditation. Sidhas enjoy an extended TM-Sidhi Programme in dedicated group facilities.

Is this your first TM residential course?

A course is one of the best things you can do to get established in your practice of Transcendental Meditation. Dive deep to come out refreshed. We take great care of you and guide you carefully through your first residential course. Most of those listed here are suitable for both long and short term Meditators. New concepts are explained fully and personal checking of your TM practice is available.

We do, however, recommend you have a TM check before coming on your first residential course and be regular in your practice.

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